Our systems

Our systems are constantly check by Monitis, the results are displayed in these charts. Each chart is for a different service (email, websites, etc) and shows how long it took to get a reply.

For example, Tahu (top right) does websites. Every three minutes Monitis checks Tahu from their primary UK Location, their Spanish location, their italian location and their secondary UK location. The chart plots the time the check was performed against the reply delay (in milliseconds). A red dot means the Monitis location did not receive a reply.

What do the chats tell us? In the sample chart to the right, UK1 & UK2 have no red dots, the graphs are stable, all is well. If you were in the UK at the time you would not have experienced any problems.

Spain clearly has issues. The graph is erratic and we can see red dots. This tells us there are communication problems between the UK and spain. If you were in Spain at the time, you may not be able to access our systems. Sadly there is nothing we can do about it, we do not control the internet between the UK and Spain.

If there were erratic lines and/or red dots for UK 1 & 2 and for spain at the same time, this might indicate a problem with our stuff, Monitis would alert us of the problem.

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